Belora: The Light That Is

Once upon a time, a mighty protector, a champion of goodness and light, stood fast against the powers of corruption and darkness. Belora, that light that is, shone when no other light could. This light shone in darkness as faith shines in doubt. Unrelenting, unintelligible, the light that is could not be covered, could not be captured, could not be diverted, and did not falter. Belora, the light that is, gave hope, warmth and direction to those huddled in the vast, empty wastes of infinite cold and dark.

In those dark days, Belora was a being, like you or me, a person with arms and legs and eyes. Belora knew and was known, saw and was seen. Belora spoke and listened, comforted and supported. Today, when day and night follow one another unceasingly, when the six seasons march in orderly procession, when the starshowers ebb and flow as ever they have, Belora is the light that is. What is it in the starshowers that allows us to see them in the sky? Belora. What is it in the sun to which the plants rise? Belora. The light that is still is a champion, and still stands fast against the powers of corruption and darkness. Belora, the light that is, still gives hope and warmth and direction.

No matter how deep the mine, Belora will not be extinguished. No matter how fast the river’s current, Belora will not be swept aside. No matter how high the mountain, Belora continues to shine. There is no place into which Belora may not go. There is no season denied to the light that is. In all times and in all spaces, Belora may enter. Belora, the light that is, cannot be denied.

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