101 Hill and Mountain Spells

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“Dave Paul’s spells are the most anticipated spell books for Pathfinder for me; let’s not kid anyone. They’re pretty much the only spell books I truly look forward to reviewing right now. I’m mostly burned out on spells and the significant majority of spells either is a variant on something or doesn’t feel magical enough for me. Dave Paul’s spells, on the other hand, either do something mechanically interesting, breathe a sense of the wondrous, stitch shut gaps in what spells let you do, provide unique tactical options…it may sound weird, but I actually prefer his spells and variants of other spells over many an “original” spell. Why? Because even his spell variants stand out with unique rules-operations or concepts that breathe the spirit of the fantastic to an extent unrivalled by just about every comparable book. It is a boon for a lot of authors that he got into the spell-writing gig only relatively recently; otherwise many a book of magic would have received less praises from yours truly. The terrain-based 101-spell-series raises the roof for the whole concept of spells and this is no different. Evocative and unique, this is well worth 5 stars + seal of approval, with an explicit extra recommendation for fans of giants, dwarves and humanoids and classic Against the Giants/Borderlands/Giantslayer-style gameplay.
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