101 Forest Spells

Forest Spells Cover
Silver Best Seller at DriveThruRPG
“Dave Paul’s first terrain spell-book came at a time when I was quite frankly burned out on new spells. I had seen too many and, with Deep Magic, to me, being a deeply frustrating book, I was not excited to read it. Well, I should have. Right when I thought I had seen everything, he single-handedly changed my opinion– this is due to various factors:
1) His rules language is precise, even when tackling highly complex spell-effects.
2) The general power-balance of the spells is well-reasoned and so far, I felt no need to complain about any spell being OP.
3) The spells go above and beyond in tying their effects to terrain by rewarding players for planning and making them feel unique and magical.
4) The spells feature unique visuals from our shared mythologies and put them into concise rules.
5) They do so in actually innovative interesting ways that emphasize player-agenda, while showing his experience in academia and teaching – even complex concepts are conveyed in concise and easy to grasp ways.

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