About Me

My Gaming Life

I have been playing and running RPGs since about 1980. I started regularly attending conventions around 1985 and have attended GenCon more than 30 times. In the early 2000s I began editing for Rite Publishing and did some editing for a short-lived official WotC fan product, and shortly thereafter began writing content for the Pathfinder RPG, mostly through Rite Publishing. During the 2020 pandemic, I began working on a Patreon page to distribute some of my content. I use the strange name Vrecknidj on a number of online communities within this area of my life.

My Professional Life

Professionally, I am a philosopher. I teach a variety of courses in philosophy at a large, public university in the Midwest; I serve on a couple of ethics committees for both private and public organizations; and I mentor graduate student teaching assistants in philosophy.